The Shikoku Ken reminds us of a Japanese samurai.
This dog has sharper features than those of other Japanese dogs.
He is very cautious, brave, has good judgment, is sober and surprisingly loyal to its master.


Shikoku ken Kanji

Welcome to Kasatori Sou kennel

Kasatori Sou is a small (non-profit) Shikoku Ken kennel in the Dutch village Udenhout, which arose out of passion for the Shikoku breed. Our goal is to breed healthy and beautiful Shikoku ken in a home environment.
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Is this your first visit to our website and you want to know more about the breed? The “about the shikoku” page is the best way to start reading and learn about this wonderful breed.

E-litter news
Planned mating for summer 2016
Sumi x Shousei
12/8/2016 ~ Sumi is in heat
18/8/2016 ~ Sumi is mated
14/9/2016 ~ Sumi is pregnant!
17/10/2016 ~ Sumi’s pups are born! 3 girls and 1 boy

F-litter news
Planned mating Chiyo x Tetsu
17/8/2016 ~ Chiyo is in heat
30/8/2016 ~ Chiyo is mated
27/9/2016 ~ Chiyo is pregnant!
31/10/2016 ~ Chiyo’s pups are born! 3 boys and 1 girl

We’re club breeder of:
NIPPON INU club fokker Shikoku

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