at june 15 we participated at the NIPPON INU family day show.
The family day is an event organized by breed club NIPPON INU with judgings of young Japanese dogs from the age between 3 months to 24 months, veterans and not recognized coats or coat colors. The present Japanese breeds where: American Akita, Japanese Akita, Shiba, Kishu, Shikoku and Kai. Chiyo was picked as the best dog from all the Japanese dogs participating the show. And so she became the nicest dog in show.

Our other Shikokus did fantastic as well:
Haru: The nicest dog in class “not recognized coats and coat colors, out of all Japanese breeds” ~ and 3rd nicest dog in show

Ryuu: The nicest Shikoku in class and best in group 3-5 months old, out of all Japanese breeds. ~ The judge gave him a VERY very promising, this is a non existing result, but the judge was so impressed by Ryuu that he made up the reward himself.

Tetsu: Very promising, 2nd place in his class 3-5 months old Shikokus.

This event also had lots of fun activities like agility, making your own dog toys, braintraining for dogs etc.

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