Goji x Shousei



Good news! Goji has been mated to Shousei at the 11th of April!
Her pregnancy will be confirmed at the 9th of May, keep fingers crossed!

Here is a movie of Goji’s first visit to the vet, for her first progesterone check:

Chiyo, the nicest dog in show



at june 15 we participated at the NIPPON INU family day show.
The family day is an event organized by breed club NIPPON INU with judgings of young Japanese dogs from the age between 3 months to 24 months, veterans and not recognized coats or coat colors. The present Japanese breeds where: American Akita, Japanese Akita, Shiba, Kishu, Shikoku and Kai. Chiyo was picked as the best dog from all the Japanese dogs participating the show. And so she became the nicest dog in show.
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New Japanese imports in our kennel!



We’re happy to introduce our four new imports from Japan. Meet Chiyo, Haru, Ryuu and Tetsu.

Chiyo is the oldest (8 months), she’s a very friendly female with a nice thick coat. She’s from one of the last breedings of the famous breeder Mr. Yano, before he passed away. Chiyo already did a NIPPO show in Japan at the age of 6 months and she became best in her class.
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Promoting the shikoku breed



Passed weekend we went to the Amsterdam winner show. Actually we didn’t came to show our Shousei, but to promote the Japanese breeds at the NIPPON INU booth. It was good to be at a show without having to be in the ring on time and just tell people about the rare Shikoku. I was very pleased with the ammount of people that came to the booth and wanting to know more about the Shikoku breed. Thank you everyone for your interest.
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Kennel visit


The best thing to do, if you really want a Shikoku Ken, is to visit the breeders kennel. There are many reasons to do so.
Lots of people buy a dog for its appearance, but forget all about the typical characters. A good example is the husky breed. Often people buy a husky, because they love the looks and blue eyes. But they don’t realize how hard it is to keep this breed. A husky needs a lot of attention, exercise and preferably not left alone in the house, because he/she will destroy your furniture or even your drywall. I experienced both breeds (Husky and Shikoku ken) and I can honestly say that the Shikoku breed has been a whole lot easier to me.
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