NIPPON INU clubmatch (updated)

Saturday the 1st of December we went to the NIPPON INU club match. And just when we wanted to enter the building of the show, we ran into a Japanese TV crew. They asked us right away about what breed we have with us. Once we said they are Shikoku Ken they where like “oh my god! Shikoku Ken” (something like that but in Japanese 😉 ). So they grabed their camera’s and filmed our two sweet hearts. Fun!

It will probably be broadcasted on the 4th of January 2013 on TV-Tokyo.
Update: The recordings will be broadcasted during a 2 hours special on 21st of July 2013. The tv show is about Japanese culture in foreign countries. We hope they will use the recordings of Sumi and Shousei.
Here’s the link to the tv-show’s website:

Back to the NIPPON INU club match. Since the Shikoku ken not yet belongs to the club (they will be soon) we couldn’t show our Shikoku’s. So instead they asked the judge (Tiny Hensema) to tell something about the breed, We entered the ring and Tiny gave a presentation about our breed. Thank you Tiny, you did a fantastic job!

3 thoughts on “NIPPON INU clubmatch (updated)

  1. Hi Emilie, thanks for your comment. I am still waiting for the confirmation of broadcasting in Japan. But it’s possible that they are not going to use the recordings they made that day. We’re still hoping they will.

  2. Hey Nico: did you see the video of the TV show the japanese people made?
    I d’ont find it on the TV-Tokyo website, it could be interesting (and fun!) to see 🙂

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