Sumi was imported in 2012 as a puppy of 3 and a half months (and we found out that she’s actually a princes :-D). With 3 older brothers she can stand up for herself like no other. She will not accept “no” for an answer. She loves to lay in the sun for hours (preferably with a luxe cup of sake). Beside her luxurious lifestyle she’s the sweetest little girl. Things she like: cuddle, cuddle, cuddle, relaxing in the sun, hunting for mice during walks, making bunny jumps, kissing cows on the nose, collect all the toys we have (coz she thiks all toys are hers), relaxing in the most luxurious sofa we have, scarring away unwanted persons, teasing her older brothers and playing with Shousei.

Japan import
Full name: Unshoume Go Izumo Yanosou – 雲昭女 出雲矢野荘
Call name: Sumi
Date of birth: 18/10/2011
Color: Black sesame (Kuro-Goma)
Breeder: Akira Yano Izumoshi
Sire: Takekumo Go Izumo Yanosou
Dam: Harukumome Go Izumo Yanosou

Eyes: Clear
Patella: Grade 0 / no luxation

• Dutch champion

DNA and genes
Coat color A-Locus: aw/aw (Agouti) – does not cary the Black & Tan gene

raad DNAprof registered

~ Sumi’s photo album ~

Sumi’s parents. On the left the dam, right the sire


puppy Sumi in Japan, this was the first picture we received from the breeder


Sumi and big bro

With big bro at a typical Dutch landscape.



Posing nice


Removing the puppy coat, changing from red-sesame into black-sesame


Sumi's beautiful head

Sumi’s beautiful head


Being cute in the snow


Sumi in front of her Japanese x-mas (bamboo) trees


Sumi in may 2013

Sumi in may 2013


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