A shikoku is not a standard breed. To see them in real life it might not be good enough to just meet the breeder and see some of his dogs. Okay, you see how they live and how they behave at home or in the kennel. But that’s only a small part, there is much more. So we take our guests for a nice walk to experience how they act on a leash, how they respond to other dogs and more. Last time we introduced our “Introduction Walk” at the Loonse and Drunense Duinen, a national Park in the center of the province of Brabant, where we live. About 30 people with friends and children showed up to meet our pack. They brought dogs as well, from small to large breeds. And so we spend a few hours with many dogs, many people and even more space so everybody could get a well balanced impression of the Shikoku breed. There was time to answer all their questions, to “try” a shikoku during the walk and even to talk tons of nice photos. We were surprised with the number of people who showed up, some coming from far away. It was great weather, we had nice company and the pictures came our very nice. And, after all, now the people know if a shikoku would be a good choice for their family or if they should look for a different breed.

Photos taken by Erik-Alexander Richter and [url href=”http://www.evacreelphotography.com”]Eva Creel Photography[/url]:

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