It has been a while since I posted some news on this website. A lot has happened in the passed year.

The first wonderful thing is that we imported a beautiful female shikoku ken from Japan (february 2012). Her official name is Unshoume, but we call her “Sumi”. She has a fantastic temperament, calm, proud and allert. We feel very lucky to have her with us.

Sumi, our new import. 10 months old in this picture.

Sumi, our new import. 10 months old in this picture.

The second thing is, since we now have a male and a female, we decided to breed with them. The first mating is planned in 2013. We’re also planning to import one or two more shikoku ken from Japan.

Our kennelname
Unfortunately our kennelname has not been decided yet, but we probably call it:
Go Kasatori Sou – 女 笠取荘
This website will be the landing page for our kennel. I will leave the information about the breed at this website but I will extend the info.

In my last post (autumn 2011) I said:

Autumn seems to be a wonderful season for the shikoku ken.

And again this seems right. Currently there are shikoku puppies everywhere. Kennel [url href=””]O Chanur[/url] and kennel [url href=””]Akashima[/url] have puppies, kennel [url href=””]Supassion’s[/url] and [url href=””]L’empire des samouraïs[/url] have done a mating and there are some shikoku litters in the US. Congrats to all the breeders and the new shikoku owners!

Visiting kennel Akashima
In october we’ve had a short stay in Canada. Of course we visited Katja Weber from shikoku kennel [url href=””]Akashima[/url]. It was very nice to see the high quality shikoku’s Katja has, they are really beautiful. And we where just in time to see 2 puppies from beautiful Hana. We had a fantastic time in Canada, thanks Katja and George for your hospitality.

Shogun, shikoku at Akashima kennel. He’s a typical Hata-line shikoku

Female Shikoku ken from Akashima

Female Shikoku ken from Akashima

Shikoku ken Yuki from Akashima, she loves rubbing.

Walking the dogs at mount Wachington, Canada

Hana, one of my favourites at Akashima

Hana, mother of the two puppies

Kumi is a beautiful male with a great temperament

Kumi is a beautiful male with a great temperament, one of my favourites.

Two shikoku ken puppies at Akashima kennel Canada

Two shikoku ken puppies at Akashima kennel Canada

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